Value-Added Media

Value-Added Media: Let's squeeze more from your media budget.

We excel at negotiating added value from our media partners, including service providers, TV stations, newspapers, outdoor companies and more.

Wayside Furniture Retail Campaigns (Added Value: $40,000 annually)

We negotiated countless bonus spots on TV, cable and radio ($25,000/year) as well as bonus digital impressions ($15,000/year).

NOPEC Brand Campaign (Added Value: $16,000)

Our media pros snagged an extra $7,500 in bonus spots on Time Warner Cable as well as $3,000 worth of free color in print ads and $5,500 in bonus digital impressions.

SummaCare Medicare Campaign (Added Value: $5,100)

We negotiated bonus spots on Time Warner Cable ($1,850), online activity on four newspaper websites ($750), and a news segment with promo spots on WTOL ($2,500).

Chapel Hill Mall Event Campaigns (Added Value: $4,000)

During mall promotions, we negotiated an extra $1,500 in bonus outdoor digital board locations and $2,500 in bonus digital impressions.

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